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I'm a 32-year-old student affairs professional, technology enthusiast, and all-around geek.

Jiffy Update: O3S Killed Wednesday, August 9th – blog.trdaisuke

It feels like it took awhile, but we did it!

Jiffy Update: O2S Killed Thursday, 7/20 – blog.trdaisuke

We killed O2S on Thursday, and we'll be back in for weekly reset raid and progression on Wednesday, 7/26.


Why I Hate Party Finder’s Lakshmi Ex Strat – blog.trdaisuke

I hate the way Party Finder groups deal with "Divine Doubt"

Impressions: Week Two of Stormblood – blog.trdaisuke

Potential spoilers if you have not yet completed the MSQ.

Before the Storm: Heavensward Reflections – blog.trdaisuke


I took a minute before Stormblood to reflect back on Heavensward.

To Make Money on FFXIV’s Market Boards, Think Like an Entrepreneur – blog.trdaisuke

To make money on market boards, think like an entrepreneur!

Overcoming Tanking Anxiety in FFXIV – blog.trdaisuke

Many new tanks or players new to tanking post on the subreddit asking how to overcome tanking anxiety. Here are some suggestions I’ve had for new tanks.

Yoshida talks Final Fantasy XIV's Alexander; fan feedback and the quest for an easier raid - Nova Crystallis

Next tier will apparently be easier, feature time-related mechanics and gimmicks.