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Overcoming Tanking Anxiety in FFXIV – blog.trdaisuke

Many new tanks or players new to tanking post on the subreddit asking how to overcome tanking anxiety. Here are some suggestions I’ve had for new tanks.

Yoshida talks Final Fantasy XIV's Alexander; fan feedback and the quest for an easier raid - Nova Crystallis

Next tier will apparently be easier, feature time-related mechanics and gimmicks.

Healing Magic vs. Abilities in Final Fantasy XIV Online – blog.trdaisuke

I've been meaning to get back into blogging, so I wrote up this longer version of my response to a recent reddit thread.

FF Logs - Combat Analysis for FF

My character - T'rdaisuke Yayoi - on FFLogs

Black Friday Weekend vs My Wallet & Backlog | blog.trdaisuke

I ended up buying a little more than I had planned.

TIL fan listings are still a thing. What?

I remember these from like 15 years ago when I was learning to use the internet.

Did the Kepler telescope just find the first signs of alien life? | Public Radio International

"Our best guess is that it looks like a swarm of something."

OMG! Gunbuster was right!

Apcoder | A Twitter Bot in 20 Minutes With Node.js - Apcoder

I might try this.


For some reason.


It would make all the shitposting easier.