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FFXIV | Noob Tank Diary, Part 1

2 min read

So, I'm new to this game and MMOs in general. Apparently I'm a tank.


The first dungeon I entered, I knew basically nothing. I'm sorry to my poor party, but at least no one died. Thanks to them for trying to explain the basics of tanking in the middle of things. Before that explanation, I didn't really know what enmity meant or why the monsters kept ignoring me and going after my party.


The second time, I did much better at holding enemies, but sometimes failed to pick up new ones. I must have done okay - I got two player commendations!


After logging out last night, I decided to search online for some resources for being a better tank and stumbled upon this page:


It didn't occur to me that I could pull the AoEs away from my party, like this:


When you pull, you run to the other side of the enemies so that:

(party >) (enemies >) (< you)


I will certainly keep this in mind in the future. I also didn't realize that a Heavy Slash/Skull Sunder combo was a very effective alternate to spamming Overpower all the time.


I only wish the HUD images weren't broken links in that post... I'll have to try to go into the HUD editor and see if I can find the indicator bars they are talking about.


It seems like I have two more dungeons coming up soon - I will try to keep these new tactics in mind.


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