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The embargo on info has lifted. Potential spoilers. I'm currently processing my thoughts.

It's kind of crazy to think that the Tenchi series is 25 years old. I'm going to need to rewatch some of these.

Positive comments re:Microsoft || I have loved my Surface Pro 3 since the day I got it. The inking is great for things I need for my day job, and it's thin and light with such great color display that it's wonderful for use around the house. And, with PuTTY, it's easy to SSH into my server to get things done. This revision looks like an improvement on everything, plus LTE

Denpasoft announced at they are bringing Re;Lord to North America

Despite what the headlines say, MP3 isn't dead; MP3 patents are dead. It's practically the opposite: MP3 is quite possibly the best choice now:

I suddenly realize that I only have 8 jobs at 60 including 7 of the 8 easiest ones...

testing cross-posting from Known (Idno)

The anthem of quick play and low gold competitive Overwatch.

Using Mastodon made me want to try getting this Known site running again. Check me out on Mastodon if you would like: is my main account.